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The first personalized approach to Productivity, Wellness and Well-Being

It was 2017. I was "all in" when talking about improving performances and focusing on human potential development. I successfully completed my training as a coach, working forward to become a Personal Trainer. Among the tools and "hacks" I've found a wide range of applications, gadgets, techniques and tips. Too many, indeed. I started asking "Why the User has to find a compromise when using an app or software?" "Why do I have to choose or "jump" from one app to the other in order to improve my wellbeing and my actual work output?" The sedentary lifestyle is a HUGE issue worldwide (even before the pandemic has started): I started collecting data, scientific studies and I came out with an integrated system: merging a proven productivity technique (from the original Pomodoro "time-boxing") with physical movement and mindfulness. I removed the frustration of being able to reach a "State of Flow" and added elements of neuroscience and biohacking into that. Download pics and logo here:

Be productive, add physical movement and mindfulness to your day to keep energy levels UP! Move more, earn more Fitpoints: exchange them for coupons, deals and perks on the official store (official website)

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Manlio Lo Giudice
Manlio Lo Giudice
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Miriam Vetrano
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ThinkFit is a startup interested in wellbeing and creating a healthy productive lifestyle for users. This goal is achieved by maintaining a coaching approach. This involves taking psychological and social behaviors, habit management, motivational factors

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